6 Responses to The Problematic Password

  1. With passwords, I generally have the browser I’m using memorize it so that I never have to retype it again. This is a good security issue too because password stealers are for the most part, keylogging programs. So when you have the browser remember it, there are no keystrokes and hence, the computer is even more secure.

  2. I love to torture my children with long drawn out conspiracy theories that usually lead to catastrophic results when they want to argue with me about why they should or shouldn’t have to do something simple, . The ‘you are so dumb, Mom’ looks they give me as they go pull the wet shower curtain closed so it doesn’t mildew in a week and cause some fictional mold spore to plague the cats and make all their hair fall out are fantastic.

  3. Leigh Caron says:

    I ALWAYS have a problem logging into Yahoo. And who me? Have an overactive imagination? Each time I travel back and forth from the States to Mexico I’m convinced either government thinks I’m guilty of ‘something’ and I’ll be hauled off to jail. I guess traveling with a suitcase full of vitamins and supplements doesn’t help. I mean, what could possibly be hidden in a gel cap? Well, I guess drugs could. But I need all of those pills because if I don’t take them, I’ll surely come down with some rare disease – or even just a common disease. And then what?

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